Sweet Pete’s

I have worked in the confectionary industry since the age of 14 when my mother founded Peterbrooke Chocolatier. She named the business after my sister Brooke and me. I have long had a passion for making confections. Over the last year, I have enjoyed creating a wide variety of hard candies at home. These included pulled sugar candy canes and cast sugar lollipops. In addition to the hard candies, I also experimented with marshmallow, and jellies. When I purchased marshmallow, lollipops, and other candy, I noticed that they were filled with artificial flavors and colors. Many confections contained high fructose corn syrup and other unnatural ingredients. Increasingly, candy was manufactured in Mexico or China. I believed that consumers deserved better. I believed that consumers deserved pure, simple, sweets made the traditional way with real cane sugar while using natural flavors and colors. It became clear to me that there would be a need for my sweet services! A good friend and now business partner approached me about a neat old house in Springfield –a quaint up and coming Jacksonville neighborhood. Everything just clicked and Sweet Pete’s was born!

1922 Pearl Street
Jacksonville, Florida 32206

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